Five Jug Group

$ 125.00

These five stoneware jugs are offered as a group set.  The largest two are half gallon in volume and the smallest holds 18 oz.  They are meant to be used and will hold whatever you choose.  Jugs were used for a variety of things in the past, such as honey, wine, spirits, vinegar, ketchup ( yes ,ketchup ) among other things and of course water.

  Although a jugs color could vary widely due to claybodies, raw materials and firing techniques, a dark brown color is very appropriate for the historical reenactor of the 18th century.  

These jugs are priced at a substantial savings than if purchased separately.  Separately they would sell for at least $175 .   You save $50 by buying in bulk.  Even if you don't need this many jugs you can give one or two as gifts.  Thank you so much for stopping to look.


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