Effigy Oil Lamp #2

$ 45.00

This is a stoneware oil lamp.  This lamp, with a face, is 4 in. tall, with a 3.5 in. base width.

  I have made several for my own use in my garden / patio area.  I use them both inside lanterns and when the wind is calm, on their own. They are also used by many of my friends at historical reenactments.   When modern camping I personally prefer them to the harsh lighting of battery or propane lanterns.

Although I like and use good quality candles I find oil lamps a safe and clean burning alternative.  They are also very good for those stormy nights when the electricity goes out.  Mainly they are just fun to use.

I recommend using 100 % pure paraffin lamp oil.  You can find this at almost any quality hardware or farm and ranch store. Quality, pure, paraffin lamp oil will burn smokeless and odorless, when used properly.  Keep your wick trimmed and adjusted to a safe flame height.

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